Notice Board



Student booking access / security card access is active from the start of Spring Session teaching (Monday 31 July 2017) until the end of the final assessment period (Friday 11 November 2017)

Booking access is based on subject enrolment (Not course enrolment) and having successfully completed the required workshop

Bookers must only operate equipment and facilities in accordance with the health and safety guidelines as instructed in classes and workshops and report any hazards or incidents promptly in UTS HIRO.

For a video tutorial on how to make a booking go to:  How to Book 



Book to collect or return Monday to Friday from 0945 to 1745.

Maximum booking time is 72 hours. There is a 6 hour buffer between booking the same equipment.

Due to the 72 hour booking rule, students cannot self-book portable equipment over long weekends as more than 72 hours. Therefore, ONLY book for the day before the long weekend and ask the Store staff to extend the booking to the following week.

Borrowers supply their own AAA and AA batteries as required

Bookings not collected on time are cancelled. Borrowers who return equipment late, damaged, dirty or incomplete will have their booking access suspended.  

Large bookings take up to 30 minutes to prepare. Avoid making last minute bookings.

Equipment will only be dispatched to the person who has made the booking who must show their UTS staff or student card and check and sign for the equipment.

If you have any further questions regarding your booking access speak to Store staff - Building 3, Level 1, phone 9514 1915.

For Technical Assistance please contact the appropriate Video or Sound MediaLab Support Staff.



In session until end of final assessment period:

Monday to Friday, 0930 to 1800, closed Thursdays 1100 to 1200 for maintenance. 

Out of session:

Monday to Friday, 1000 to 1630, closed Thursdays 1100 to 1200 for maintenance. 

Closed public holidays 2017:

Australia Day, Thursday 26 January

Good Friday, Friday 14 April

Easter Monday, Monday 17 April

ANZAC Day, Tuesday 25 April

Queen's Birthday, Monday 12 June

Labour Day, Monday 2 October



Parking onsite may be available to collect / return large amounts of Store equipment. Email a parking request from your UTS email account at least 24 hours before to;

Student name

Student number

Vehicle registration

Mobile number 

Date and time

If approved, you will be issued a parking permit to display whilst you are parked.  

IMPORTANT: Turner Lane is constantly monitored. Parking without a permit seriously impacts other students who have booked the space. You will be issued with a NSW Government Infringement Notice ($106 parking fine) which the Faculty is unable to rescind.



Maximum booking period allowed is 5 hours.

There is a 4 hour buffer between booking the same facilty.


Maximum booking period allowed is 4 hours.

There is a 4 hour buffer between booking the same facilty.

PRODUCTION MEETING ROOMS 03.02.010 and 03.02.022

Maximum booking period allowed is 5 hours.

There is a 4 hour buffer between booking the same facilty.